bxp42360Yoopernatural Mysteries is a series of tales that take place in Deathe, a dead-end village huddled on the south shore of White Wolf Lake in the heart of Michigan’s wild and woolly Upper Peninsula.

Ron Blank, maintenance electrician at Cavendish Junior College, manages to find himself in the middle of some unique circumstances. First of all, he lives alone in a haunted house, the rambling mansion of the late Miss Catherine Cavendish, better known in local lore as Cathy Cadaver. Although no one better mention that name inside her house! Whenever he gets in over his head, Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose will find a way to– reluctantly— help him out.

Along the way we meet a slew of characters, some normal, some odd, some good, some very bad. Erin Coe, Beth Atkins and Bill Travarthen are on the good side, along with the gang of village irregulars, including Annie at the town library, and the denizens of the Buck Snort Saloon, Hoolie’s Cafe and Wu Fang’s Mexican Bistro. But there’s always someone aiming to mess things up for everyone, and not in a good way. Stop in for a visit!

Bedderhoff Dead introduces Ron, Alice Louise, and the village of Deathe, when a murder is uncovered at the junior college. A Cold Winter’s Deathe continues with a wild ride through the great northern wilderness, this time on snowmobiles and thin ice. Deathe & Taxes brings even more dire complications into the lives of Ron and Alice Louise, Erin and her Aunt Barbara, and all the residents of Deathe.

The Second Edition of Bedderhoff Dead and First Editions of A Cold Winter’s Deathe and Deathe & Taxes are out there somewhere.

All three books are now available in paperback and for Kindle at www.amazon.com/author/yoopernaturalmysteries

Stand by while I work on an online store for the paperbacks.

Print books are also available in paperback at:

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Mark Wolfgang is an Independent Scholar and Michigan Minor Literary Figure who reluctantly admits he is not a Yooper, but he loves the U.P. from too far away– his home and life are in the Lower Peninsula. He knows a thing or two about being a maintenance electrician, and Alice Louise is teaching him about being an MSP Trooper… with the help of local law enforcement officials. He lives in Mason with his wife and their last surviving second-string replacement cat. RIP Punk, Arlo, Sienna, Azure, Boomer, Sprout and Kit.

And he sometimes wears a Kromer.


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