Cold Winter’s Deathe

CWD-coverA Cold Winter’s Deathe, second in the series Yoopernatural Mysteries, Tales of Life in Deathe

Life in Deathe takes a decidedly dark turn when a Puckish stranger materializes out of a raging blizzard to steal beers from the patrons of the Buck Snort Saloon, and plunder the local cemetery. Ron Blank is once again caught in the middle of murder and mayhem. And now he finds himself squeezed between two deadly dilemmas: an unwilling alliance with the stranger in his relentless pursuit of an ancient adversary, and a very personal conflict with the big, violent, and all-too-predictable town bully.

Meanwhile, Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose’s planned weekend getaway with her friend Beth is ruined when the blizzard closes the only road out of town. Now she’s trapped with no escape and no backup, while Deathe’s Police Chief Woody keeps dropping by, uninvited, to drag her out into the bitter cold to investigate burned-out camps, missing girls, fresh dead bodies… and fetid, empty coffins.

Ron and Alice Louise will have to join forces again to track down and eliminate a ruthless killer– this one a foe beyond their wildest imaginings. Is the stranger what he claims to be? Or something even more sinister? Who– or what– is killing the denizens of Deathe? Will Alice Louise ever get a good night’s sleep? Is Ron Blank falling in love?

A Cold Winter’s Deathe is a dark and deadly romp though the remote Upper Peninsula winter landscape– the land of Yoopers and kromers and chukes and choppers, and snowmobiles that can’t outrun buckshot. And supernatural mysteries. And one Puckish imp who brings even more than the usual dose of calamity to Deathe.


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