Bedderhoff Dead


Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose hates the Upper Peninsula. It’s her first time there, she hasn’t even reached her new MSP post yet, and already the U.P. has tried to kill her. Twice.

Now, lost in the pitch-black wilderness after 10 hours on the road with a hangover and no GPS or cell phone signal, she is redirected to the isolated, dead-end village of Deathe. Noreen Bedderhoff, a teacher at tiny Cavendish Junior College, has been electrocuted by a clever killer. The most likely suspect would be Ron Blank, the campus electrician, who coincidentally becomes Alice Louise’s dour host at the infamous “Cathy Cadaver’s” decrepit old mansion in the woods– and her possible ally. Maybe.

It’s Homecoming Week, and all of Deathe’s prodigal sons and daughters have come home to overrun the town and celebrate with beer, bands, parades, one giant fuzzy orange, brown and purple Squabbling Timber Doodle…. and maybe even a football game.

 There’s also a killer on the loose. Fortunately, Alice Louise is an Amazon state trooper with a gun… but no backup… and maybe a touch of the flu….   Yoopernatural Mysteries take place in the haunted Upper Peninsula village of Deathe, Michigan, where the people are odd, the dead are restless, and the supernatural is just another day in the life of Deathe.

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