Your guide to Yoopernatural Mysteries, Tales of Life in Deathe.

Bedderhoff Dead, A Cold Winter’s Deathe and Deathe & Taxes are now available paperback and for Kindle on Mark Wolfgang’s Amazon page . For paperbacks, please be so kind as to click on the listings for NEW copies to get them directly from Sudden Deathe Press LLC. Thank you!

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 1. Bedderhoff Dead

Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose hates the Upper Peninsula. It’s her first time there, she hasn’t even reached her new MSP post yet, and already the U.P. has tried to kill her. Twice.

Now, lost in the pitch-black wilderness after 10 hours on the road with a hangover and no GPS or cell phone signal, she is redirected to the isolated, dead-end village of Deathe. Noreen Bedderhoff, a teacher at tiny Cavendish Junior College, has been electrocuted by a clever killer. The most likely suspect would be Ron Blank, the campus electrician, who coincidentally becomes Alice Louise’s dour host at the infamous “Cathy Cadaver’s” decrepit old mansion in the woods– and her possible ally. Maybe.

It’s Homecoming Week, and all of Deathe’s prodigal sons and daughters have come home to overrun the town and celebrate with beer, bands, parades, one giant fuzzy orange, brown and purple Squabbling Timber Doodle…. and maybe even a football game.

 There’s also a killer on the loose. Fortunately, Alice Louise is an Amazon state trooper with a gun… but no backup… and maybe a touch of the flu….   Yoopernatural Mysteries take place in the haunted Upper Peninsula village of Deathe, Michigan, where the people are odd, the dead are restless, and the supernatural is just another day in the life of Deathe.

2. A Cold Winter’s Deathe

Life in Deathe takes a dark turn when a Puckish stranger materializes out of a raging blizzard to steal beers from the patrons of the Buck Snort Saloon, and plunder the local cemetery. Ron Blank is once again caught in the middle of murder and mayhem. And now he finds himself squeezed between two deadly dilemmas: an unwilling alliance with the stranger in his relentless pursuit of an ancient adversary, and a very personal conflict with the big, violent, and all-too-predictable town bully.

Meanwhile, Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose’s planned weekend getaway with her friend Beth is ruined when the blizzard closes the only road out of town. Now she’s trapped with no escape and no backup, while Deathe’s Police Chief Woody keeps dropping by, uninvited, to drag her out into the bitter cold to investigate burned-out camps, missing girls, fresh dead bodies… and fetid, empty coffins.

Ron and Alice Louise will have to join forces again to track down and eliminate a ruthless killer– this one a foe beyond their wildest imaginings. Is the stranger what he claims to be? Or something even more sinister? Who– or what– is killing the denizens of Deathe? Will Alice Louise ever get a good night’s sleep? Is Ron Blank falling in love?

A Cold Winter’s Deathe is a dark and deadly romp though the remote Upper Peninsula winter landscape– the land of Yoopers and kromers and chukes and choppers, and snowmobiles that can’t outrun buckshot. And supernatural mysteries. And one Puckish imp who brings even more than the usual dose of calamity to Deathe.

3. Deathe & Taxes

It’s spring in Deathe, and with spring comes yet another dreaded tax season. But this year relief is in sight! Well, maybe. A stranger has come to town, bringing advice that just might be deadly, and it falls to Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose, and Cavendish Junior College maintenance guy Ron Blank and his intern Erin Coe, to stop the coming disaster. Of course there’s the additional not-so-small issue of Yvonne the Terrible (Alice’s “precious cargo”), a small furry telephone repairman, and the final disposition of town bully Carl Rowley’s body, which we last saw falling headlong into the Bottomless Pit. (Carl’s psycho family is planning a funeral in the near future. How will Ron explain this?) And did I mention that Alice’s cruiser has been vandalized, and the townspeople may or may not be getting zombified? And Chief Woody and Deputy Donnie have conveniently gone missing?

Once again Alice Louise is stuck in Deathe and forced to match wits with the witless… and the unthinkable. Ron stands ready to help, with Erin at his side, even if she doesn’t want to be there, and unfortunately Yvonne wants to be in the middle of just about everything.

4. Deathe Warmed Over — Coming this summer (he says with cautious optimism)

Summer brings on the heat in Deathe, and no one’s feeling it more than Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose. Except maybe for Ron, who has more work than he can handle at Cavendish Junior College, to say nothing of the contentious new girl in town who calls herself “Aliena” and seems to know more than she should about Ron. And insists on moving into Cavendish Manor with him.

And now the Bear Killer of legend is back, doing what it does best. Power is down in the Administration building, Chief Woody is in the hospital, Aliena probably needs to go there, and Alice is on a tear, as usual.

What Ron and Alice both need is a break. Maybe a quick little vacation to a simpler place and time...

Deathe Warmed Over: The final Tale of Life in Deathe? Only time will tell..


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