Attn: Jeff Daniels

Caving to overwhelming pressure from an untold number* of bizarrely polite Deathe readers– I hesitate to say “fans”– I’ve sent a copy of Bedderhoff Dead to actor Jeff Daniels. Because, to be honest,  I have to feel sorry for poor Jeff.

Jeff Daniels is a Michigander, living near Chelsea, where he owns the Purple Rose Theatre. (His spelling, not mine!) He’s known for such renowned movies as Radio Days, Gettysburg, The Purple Rose of Cairo (for which he named his “theatre”), and of course that super megahit, Dumb and Dumber, to say nothing of the Michigan favorite Escanaba in Da Moonlight. Continue reading

Meet Fillmore (and friend)

This is Fillmore. He’s an elephant ear philodendron. He literally showed up at my door some time around 1974 or so. I was living in a small third floor apartment in Mason when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find a homeless plant saying gimme shelter, or something like that. I took him in. Turned out he’d been delivered by my friend Marty as a housewarming gift.

So here we are, two moves from apartment to house to house, three ever-larger pots, and nearly 45 years later. Continue reading

Moderate Speed (for Alice) Run to Deathe

I have in my possession dashcam video from MSP Trooper A.L. Dubose making a quick run to Deathe. Off duty, probably speeding as usual. The YouTube vid quality isn’t up to professional HD standards, and although she was really cranking on Joe Satriani’s The Forgotten, the sound didn’t come through well either. Oh well, it’s the best we got on a tight (read: zero) budget.


Large Appliance Shopping

I don’t understand people sometimes. Okay, pretty much all the time. Some friends of ours suffered a grievous loss a couple weeks ago. Their kitchen range died. No oven, no burners, nothing worked. It’s old, it was tired. We kept checking in. Did they buy a new one? No. Did they find a new one to buy? Nope. Apparently not even looking. Living large with a microwave and toaster I guess.

Continue reading

Life Hack #134 redux

I stumbled onto this Edison original– the Edison Standard Phonograph– the other day at the historic Turner Dodge House in Lansing. Now I’m comparing the original inspiration to my modern, digital-age equivalent here. Full disclosure: my inspiration came from a craft show where a skilled artist displayed at least a dozen of these things, generally using trumpet, bugle, saxophone bells, or bells from who-knows-what different brass instrument. The bell on mine is exactly the same as the one on the Edison. So I guess mine is closer to original than his are. I’d thought I was making a compromise, since this bell is not especially beautiful.

So here we reprise my first photo from Life Hack #134 below, and in this series of pictures we have a 100-year-old original design, plus my proof -of-concept test mock-up, and my original. No photos from the craft show, I’m afraid.All in all, though, a pretty neat find at the mansion.