Baseball and the Mafia

But don’t say the word Mafia.

Reading an article in today’s Parade Magazine reminded me of how delightful the movie Bull Durham is and was and always will be. One of my all time favorites. In fact, even Sports Illustrated called it “the best sports movie of time” when it came out in 1988. And now the director, Ron Shelton, has written his tale of how the movie came to be made. The Church of Baseball will hit bookstores in July. Definitely on my must-read list. A few months ago I read Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli by Mark Seal, what must the the definitive telling of the making of The Godfather, yet another one of my favorite movies. And coincidentally Paramount+ came out with The Offer, a multipart series on the making of The Godfather based on the memoirs of the producer, Alan S. Ruddy. Equally fascinating. And if I can’t get enough of these Making Of books and shows there’s three seasons of The Movies that Made us on Netflix. And yah, I really can’t get enough of these things. Unfortunately, knowing how the sausage gets made sometimes takes the bloom off the rose, to mix metaphors. I tend to watch movies more with the eye of a director and ear of a writer than with any real sense of wonder. But I do appreciate it all, even if it’s never entirely magical.

Probably not so coincidentally, Paramount+ also has The Godfather available to stream right now… with no commercials at no extra cost! Life is good. I watched about two-fifths of it last night, ready to dig into it again right now.

Then next up on my list is conspiring to get back to the U.P. for my annual sabbatical. This year is going to be a challenge. My usual venue of recent years wants a two-week commitment– meaning money, not necessarily my presence for the duration. I can live with that, if my summer schedule permits. As usual, time will tell.

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