Deathe & Taxes

DnT-thumbDeath & Taxes

It’s spring in Deathe, and with spring comes yet another dreaded tax season. But this year relief is in sight! Well, maybe. A stranger has come to town, bringing advice that just might be deadly, and it falls to Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose, and Cavendish Junior College maintenance guy Ron Blank and his intern Erin Coe, to stop the coming disaster. Of course there’s the additional not-so-small issue of Yvonne the Terrible (Alice’s “precious cargo”), a small furry telephone repairman, and the final disposition of town bully Carl Rowley’s body, which we last saw falling headlong into the Bottomless Pit. (Carl’s psycho family is planning a funeral in the near future. How will Ron explain this?) And did I mention that Alice’s cruiser has been vandalized, and the townspeople may or may not be getting zombified? And Chief Woody and Deputy Donnie have conveniently gone missing?

Once again Alice Louise is stuck in Deathe and forced to match wits with the witless… and the unthinkable. Ron stands ready to help, with Erin at his side, even if she doesn’t want to be there, and unfortunately Yvonne wants to be in the middle of just about everything. (And what’s with the boxcar below???)


2 thoughts on “Deathe & Taxes

  1. Mark! From a old flat lander from Dansville near the “Pud” Swan Sunnco station, now living in “Missoura” as Henery Yount would say. Living in the wonderful Ozarks if you are not a Dentist. Just got done reading both of your books, I dink you fell off the latter a few times too many lol. Enjoyed both and glad to not see myself in them. I thought you were going to be a artist not a writer, that what happens spending too muck time at LCC. Caught Ron and Barb for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago when we were up in the old home land and said they were going to a book signing for you that turned out to be a retirement party. I retired in March and love it. Catch you later R.A.Wilcox.


    • Bob, great to hear from you, and congratulations on your retirement! I don’t know what happened to art. I just enjoy writing more, and got inspired by the general lunacy at work. I’ll put a little more of that into my next installment. I should have more time for that now… once I settle into retirement, turn off the TV, unplug the phone, block the Internet… give me a few more months! –Mark


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