Over the coming weeks and months I plan to post short stories of Tales of Life in Deathe. These will examine some of the same characters we’ve come to know and love–Ron, Alice Louise, Erin and Beth–as well as other “characters” who live, and have lived, in the dead-end village of Deathe. We will delve deeper into Deathe, taking a look into the past–and maybe even have a peek into the future–of some of Deathe’s favorite sons and daughters… and maybe a villain or two. All yours to read and enjoy–or revile–for free. Just click on whatever titles I post, you know, whenever I get around to it. Posted in a PDF format; subject to change without notice.

In no particular order…

CEILING TILES  In which Ron solves a long-time mystery on the campus of Cavendish Junior College.

SHRINKAGE No, it’s not what you might think. Don’t go there. Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose is assigned to a little investigation involving Deathe’s premier restaurateur, Wu Fang, proprietor of Wu Fang’s Mexican Bistro. However, this has nothing to do with food, and everything to do with his avocation: meddling with the Laws not of Man, but of Physics.

VISITATION Ron Blank has experienced “visitations” before–he lives in a haunted house, of course, and he thought he’d never get rid of Pud (see Bedderhoff Dead)–but this time it’s personal.

All the usual disclaimers apply with these stories: this is a work of fiction, under copyright of the author and Sudden Deathe Press, LLC; please do not copy, distribute, post elsewhere or attempt to pass it off as your own work (as if) without the specific written permission of the author and Sudden Deathe Press, LLC. All characters are fictitious and not meant to represent any real person, living, dead, undead, etc., yada, yada.



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