Deathe Warmed Over


Deathe Warmed Over preview

Deathe Warmed Over preview

Summer brings on the heat in Deathe, and no one’s feeling it more than Michigan State Police Trooper Alice Louise Dubose. Except maybe Ron, who has more work than he can handle at Cavendish Junior College, to say nothing of the contentious new girl in town who calls herself “Aliena” and seems to know more than she should about Ron. And insists on moving into Cavendish Manor with him.

And now that the Bear Killer is back, bolder and more vicious than ever, everyone is getting a little hot under the collar. And with the DNR conspicuously AWOL, it’s up to Alice to track down the beast and put an end to its reign of terror.

What Ron and Alice both need is a break. Maybe a quick little vacation to a simpler place and time...

Update: Deathe Warmed Over is currently sitting in a corner until it settles down and learns to behave itself. In the meantime, watch for free short stories of Life in Deathe to be posted on the SHORTS page.

Deathe Warmed Over: The final Tale of Life in Deathe? Only time will tell.



2 thoughts on “Deathe Warmed Over

    • I make no promises either way. DWO has gone out of control so it’s sitting in the corner until it learns to behave itself. In the meantime I’m collecting some short stories which I’m posting on the SHORTS page to tide over anyone who needs more Deathe.


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